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A Blog by Elliott - A 3rd Year University of Chester student Homesick - It happens to us all

When you first come to university and your family have said farewell you may start feeling homesick after a few days, I mean I sure did!
Missing family loved ones and friends is natural, however I want to discuss my personal experience of this with you


Firstly, I called my parents every weekend to catch up with them and find out what was happening at home also to see if there was any gossip. I was surprised to hear, despite me thinking I was missing out I actually wasn't missing out on a lot, I just thought I was.

I messaged my mates as they had also gone to university, I checked in on them and just chatted to them.

The main thing I did was get to know everyone around me, I tried to distract myself from feeling homesick which is easier than you might think.


Trust me when I say it isn't the end of the world being away from home, you'll soon acclimatise and when you do, you'll start having the time of your life, take it from me, someone who has been in those shoes!

Hang in there as the journey will be worth it


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