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millie blog

A blog by Millie - A 3rd year Media & Performance Student (Salford University)

MOVING IN TIP #1: Put your tea, coffee, and mugs at the top of your bag. After a long journey you (or in my case, my grandma) will be very grateful.
Having missed the accommodation tour at the open day, I had no idea what I was walking into. As buzzed as I was to be here, I was nervous too. I had only been messaging a few of my housemates prior to arriving and I had left all my friends 300 miles away at home.

I had lived in the countryside all my life. What was the Big City even like?

As I wandered into the flat, all my nerves were lifted. Two of my flatmates were already there and we hit it off straight away.

After hours of unpacking, I was ready to cook.


I thought I was.

MOVING IN TIP #2: As lovely as 'starting how you mean to continue' sounds, bring a microwave meal for your first night.

My cookbook was pristine, all my utensils brand new, gleaming, and ready to be used. I was exhausted. Unpacking all your belongings is more tiring than you think, and you are most likely going to want to hit the SU and get to know some new people. Learn from my mistakes and leave the cooking until Day 2 -or even better, after Freshers!

MOVING IN TIP #3: Get on those Group Chats.

If you have moved in a little later than your other flat mates, they are probably recovering from the night before. If going out is your thing, get on the building or course group chats and see who is around. Not only does it give you someone to head to the SU with, but you might also just meet some of your soon-to-be closest friends by chance.


After you've unpacked, explored, and settled in, it's normal to feel a range of emotions. Whether you're lonely, homesick, or just super excited, it's important to let yourself feel whatever you feel. There's no one way to experience University and although you will be told constantly how amazing, exciting, and wild University is -and it can be- it is also scary. For many people, it's the first time they've left home. If you've come from outside of Manchester, you may have left your entire support system at home and that can be daunting. While you're still finding your feet, it's important to know where you can go for support. Your friends, flatmates and course mates are brilliant to talk to if you need but remember that the University has so much to offer in the way of Student Support.

Head to AskUs to find out more about Student Support at Salford: 

(NB: Your own university will have a similar support link on their website).

Finally, the last thing I wanted to do in Freshers was read a boring third year telling me what to expect from Uni, so go out there and have fun! Freshers 2021 here we come!

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